2022 Conference Courses

16-Hour Classes

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16-Hour K9 Medical Operator Course

C. Taylor Bracken
R.A.N.T. Strategies

The R.A.N.T. Strategies, K-9 Medical Operator Course is a 16-hour complete K-9 medic course. The course will utilize a combination of classroom lecture, hands-on practical exercises, and scenario-based training. The K-9 Medical Operator program provides handlers, paramedics, EMTs, tactical medics and other K-9 support members with the medical skills needed to prevent and treat injuries and illnesses in working dogs. Mastery of these skills requires extensive specialized emergency medical services training in the tactical environment. This is accomplished by teaching human medical practitioners how to transfer their existing medical skills to the canine patient using both live dogs and K9 training manikins for invasive, advanced procedures.

Equipment needed:

K-9 partner (if feasible), Clothing appropriate for practical scenarios, note taking material

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Instructor website/social media: https://www.facebook.com/RANTStrategies/


16-Hour Small Team Rural Tactics

Dana & Evan Vilander
Vanad Training and Consulting

Rural Tactical movement skills differ from standard building entry techniques. This course is designed to provide swat teams with tactics and techniques when searching for or pursuing suspects on foot in open rural or rugged terrain, or conducting a warrant service in a remote location. The normal course covers day and lowlight for movement, land navigation, tactics and techniques. This class will only occur in day time. Topics- Mission planning Medical planning P.A.C.E. (Primary, Alternate, Contingency, Emergency planning) Land Navigation Essentials Team Movement and tactics Equipment Communications

Equipment needed:

Duty uniform to include all tactical gear (helmet, vest/plate carrier etc) and weapons (can be blue guns) Small backpack to carry water and supplies Boonie hat Note taking materials

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Instructor website/social media: www.vtctraining.com/courses


16-Hour Pistol Mounted Optic Instructor

Sean Cox
Defense Technology

The Pistol Mounted Optics (Red Dot Sight) Instructor course is two days (16 hrs) in length and focuses on developing Instructor skills necessary for transitioning personnel from traditional iron sights to the pistol mounted electronic optics – Red Dot Sights. Like all Defense Technology™ Training Academy firearms courses, it is designed to enhance the student’s abilities to create, present and conduct safe and relevant firearms training for personnel in their departments. COURSE OVERVIEW Through discussions and practical range drills, students attending the Safariland Pistol Optics Instructor Course will be exposed to the latest “Red Dot” training techniques. This course emphasizes the following topics: • Proper pistol draw to allow rapid sight acquisition • Traditional v. suppressor height back up iron sights • Comparison and contrast of available pistol optics • Optic mounting considerations

Equipment needed:

Required Equipment Eye and ear protection Pistol with a mounted electronic optic – Red Dot Sight An RDS holster compatible to the students pistol/optic 3 magazines with pouches Appropriate clothing for range and weather Estimated 1,000 rounds of pistol ammunition. Ear and eye protection.

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Instructor website/social media: https://www.defense-technology.com/

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16-Hour Correctional Emergency Response Team (C.E.R.T. Basic Instructor Course

Adam Dennis
Defense Technology

Designed for operators and on-scene supervisors, this exciting program teaches students how to operate in a high-risk correctional environment and handle unruly, belligerent and dangerous inmates. It teaches tactics designed for a successful
outcome and prepares students to become instructors in those tactics.

Course topics include: team configuration Training and selection, Less lethal options available to CERT Teams,  Cell extractions, small and large room clearing and Hostage Rescue as well as large area disturbance control .

Equipment needed:

Ear Pro eye Pro gloves, Tactical kits worn for entry operations. Training red or blue guns (long guns and pistol).

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Instructor website/social media: https://www.defense-technology.com/

8-Hour Classes


8-Hour Duty Knife as a Backup Weapon Course

Chris Mandigma & Kenny Bigbee Jr.
Survival Edge Tactical Systems

Most Law Enforcement officers carry at least one knife on their person when or even off-duty. This also holds true for many Concealed Firearms Permit holders. In addition to the variety of utility functions a knife can perform, many carry a knife with the intent to use it as a last-ditch survival weapon, or weapon retention tool. Unlike other weapons that armed professionals and responsible citizens carry, most do not train in tactics for carry, deployment and defensive use a knife.


This is course will cover at minimum: - Tactics for achieving dominant angles - Weapon grips, and manipulations - Counter-offensive and defensive knife angles and templates - Skill-building drills for close and medium ranges - Weapon retention tactics and drills


If requested by the ISOA, attending officers can receive a Certificate of Completion.

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Instructor website/social media: www.tricomtraining.com


8-Hour Sniper - Moving Targets

Matt Campbell
Alexander Global Strategies

Students who attend this class will be presented with a classroom portion regarding the proper techniques and science behind engaging moving targets. They will also participate in a live-fire range with the opportunity to engage moving targets from different positions.

Equipment needed:

Sniper Weapon System (including ammo) capable of <1moa. One hundred rounds of ammunition. Shooting tripod (if you have one bring it). Mission callout gear. Data Book. Clothing for inclement weather. Shooting mat. Writing instrument and Paper.

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Instructor website/social media: http://www.alexandergs.com/

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8-Hour Counter Terrorism Pistol/Rifle Operator Course

Joe Fasanella
Condition Gray

Designed to ensure proper weapons handling, students will engage in skill-building drills and build into communications and team movement. Students will participate in a morning course overview and Terrorism awareness brief, followed by a morning diagnostic, and close the day with a final culmination drill.

Equipment needed:

Required Equipment: -500 rounds of rifle ammunition -200 rounds of pistol ammunition -Plate Carrier or Chest Rig -Battle/Duty Belt w holster (no Serpa or nylon) -Medkit w TQ -Weather Appropriate clothing -Good footwear -Eye pro -Ear pro electronic preferred

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Instructor website/social media: https://www.grayfighter.com/


8-Hour Open Source Intelligence and Defensive Measures

Heather White
Condition Gray

The Open Source Intelligence course takes a dive into the foundations of Open Source intelligence, its uses and application to law enforcement, and expert methods of information retrieval for investigations. Attendees will also learn proper computer configuration and other safety measures for OSINT investigations. Furthermore, we will dive into the topic of defensive measures to ensure the safety of law enforcement personnel in the cyber realm.

Equipment needed:

Laptop /or note taking material

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Instructor website/social media: https://www.grayfighter.com/


8-Hour Two Officer Tactics-Unopposed    *April 21st class has been filled*

Luke Vilsmeyer & Lee Rabensteine

Fighting inside structures is not an easy problem set to negotiate, as a matter of fact, the tactics are some of the most argued and most trained around the world. From the moment the class begins, the Two Officer Tactics Course introduces the officer to structural navigation. This is a comprehensive program in the Tier 1 series designed to introduce officers to the D-H-D method (deliberate, hasty, dynamic) within the move to and through concept derived from that used by modern day Special Forces.

This course will cover: Doors Corners Hallways Intersections Angles Navigation Navigation With Others Priorities Decision Making Communication

Equipment needed:

Callout gear, no magazines, empty rifle and pistol. Please have chamber flags on guns.

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Instructor website/social media: www.mtactraining.com

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8-Hour Ballistic Shield Operator

Mike Hart
Asset Protection & Consulting, LLC

In law enforcement circles, the ballistic shield, by its nature, has been deployed primarily as a “defensive tool”. Heavy, cumbersome and with a limited view to the environment, has propagated the mindset and thought processes that the ballistic shield is more of a hindrance than an asset. NOTHING could be further from the truth! Advances in ballistic technology have led to the development of a new breed of shields that are smaller, lighter and easier to maneuver in a myriad of applications.


This eight (8) hour block of instruction will expose the attendee to the advantages of utilizing a ballistic shield in a “offensive” nature. This is an introductory course by design and will provide the attendee with an opportunity to expand his/her understanding and knowledge with a general overview of proven ballistic shield deployment concepts and strategies. Understanding that the necessary elements for operations are speed, surprise and violence of action, when coupled with a maneuverable ballistic corner as a clearing element, it can greatly enhance the safety of the entry team and further increase the probability of prevailing in an encounter.

Equipment needed:

 Ballistic Shield . Call out kit or plate carrier . Handgun W/ Mounted Light . Rifle or sub gun W/ Mounted Light . Sims gun or conversion kits for each weapon systems . 100 rounds of Sims (50 each weapon system) . Protective gear for force on force… (Long sleeves, face, neck and grown protection) . Note taking material

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Instructor website/social media: www.assetprotection-consulting.com

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8-Hour Intro High Threat Response

Cameron Ellison, Jared Sheets & Adam Lee
High Threat Response Program

This course provides attendees a NIMS based, systematic approach to providing a well organized, scaled response for multi-disciplinary, multi-agency and single agency responses to planned and unplanned public safety events. It provides tools, products and concepts needed to quickly operationalize the daunting task of organizing the training, common language and coordination needed for effective community responses to these events. The course includes detailed information on process, challenges and solutions to developing all elements needed. Attendees will earn a certification in High Threat Response. They will be given not only the concepts but the tools needed to develop a plan and process for their department and community. Attendees will receive instruction, honest discussion, and an opportunities to use the proven an tested skills through table top exercises. Attendees will also be given access to the operational documentation and planning documents that they can customize as well as equipment lists in order to operationalize their program.

Equipment needed:

 Pen, notebook and compatible radio or communication device for groups.

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Instructor website/social media: https://www.fishers.in.us/1210/High-Threat-Response-Program

8-Intro to Flexible Search

Jared Arceneaux & Jason Ransome
Orion Training Group

Intro to Flexible Search is a principles-based CQB course. The course objective is that by the end of the course students are able to effectively and efficiently clear two conjoined rooms with teams of 2, 3, and 4 entry team members, using a variety of methods. The course is taught based on flexibility in methods per the end-user’s situation: manpower, mission, and environment. For example, rather than show the students one single way to handle a center fed room, we show several methods, and explain the “why” behind each method. The students are then able to get reps on each method as the day builds, and by the end of the course they have usually been exposed to several “‘new” methods that they can use to increase efficiency at their home programs. This course requires no previous experience, and will be great for the patrol officer, detective, or SWAT team member. This course comes with a certificate of completion and serves as the prerequisite for OTG’s other Flexible Search courses. This course is Force-On-Paper (students will only engage paper targets).

Equipment needed:

 Eye protection - long sleeve shirt - long pants - appropriate footwear - personal hydration and snacks


one of these options: a chamber-safe indicated weapon system, a sims-enabled weapon system (blue bolt/UTM bolt, etc), a MANTIS Blackbeard laser dryfire weapon system, high quality airsoft AEG/gas system

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Instructor website/social media: www.oriontraininggroup.com/

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8-Hour Classes (Saturday)

6-Hour Classes (Saturday - Sunday)

8-Hour The Tactical O.O.D.A. Loop Course

Derek Stephens
Rally Point Training & Consulting

In modern policing, SWAT teams are becoming more flexible with and more reliant on technology. The rapid evolution of technology is allowing for more and better tactical options to help resolve dangerous situations, but tactical teams must not overlook exactly how they are training and what they are, and are not, preparing their operators for. This 8-hour Tactical O.O.D.A. Loop course focuses on understanding and training the operator’s mind because a SWAT team’s greatest assets isn’t its equipment or technology, it’s their operators and their operators’ greatest assets are their minds. Understand the role the O.O.D.A. Loop plays all the way from your training to your physical performance under stress. Learn how proper and focused long-term memory encoding is the key to proper physical performance in high risk and high-speed situations.


Take a second look at your training program and learn to spot weaknesses that need to be hardened up before they become and issue on the street.

Equipment needed:

 Pen and notebook

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Instructor website/social media: https://rallypointtraining.com/index.html

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8-Hour Vehicle Threat and Maneuver Course

Jonas Polson
Tactical Options

Tactical Options Vehicle Threat and Maneuver Course is an 8-hour training program designed to enhance a Law Enforcement Officer capability to execute when faced with an immediate threat in a vehicles confined space, exiting, to movement of alternate vehicle positions. Skillsets and motor skills are enhanced in series of progressive stages for the individual to understand necessary methods to rapidly move in, out, and around vehicles while engaging their weapon systems, effectively clear unknowns while utilizing cover to their advantage, apply split second decisions on placement of shots to either reduce / eliminate threats to determining routes of maneuvers. Officers will develop critical base line principles and procedural flows on employing individual to multi-officer maneuvers with communication skills and contingency considerations. Methods, principles, fundamentals and procedures taught have been proven worldwide in urban environments with high-risk due to the surrounding threat variable.


This  training program and course objectives includes: - Expeditionary Mindset and Threat Follow Through Actions - Equipment Vehicle Set Up, Mission Essential Equipment SOP Development, and Employment Techniques - Vehicle Engagement Methodologies - Weapon Transition, Magazine Changes / Tac-Mag Reloads Weapon Dynamic Safe Handling Techniques - Barricade / Vehicle Shooting Positions and Engagement Methods: Rollover Prone, Bend-Over Prone, Kneeling, Crouching, Confined Space Fundamental Application - Multiple Target Acquisition and Threat Reduction Methods - Ballistic Impacts on Glass and Vehicle Body Penetration Familiarization: Offensive vs Defensive - Engagement Methods on High Percentage vs Low Percentage Targets - Vehicular Engagement Maneuvers and Counter-Engagement Techniques - Single, Two Man, 4 Man Maneuver Drills and Procedural Flows - Weapons Malfunctions Drills, Clearance Procedures, and Threat Reduction Follow- Through - 3-Dimensional Threat Criteria and Problem Solving - Deliberate and Methodical Vehicle / Dead Space Clearance Procedures vs Hasty Maneuvers: Individual to Multi-Officer - Precision Fire and Maneuver TTPs and Communication Techniques: Individual / Collective Duties and Responsibilities - Care Under Fire and Casualty Movement (Limited) - Focal Cognitive Drills The Vehicle Threat and Maneuver Course is a intermediate to advanced course due to live fire iterations. All phases of live fires are progressive on the building blocks and each officer will be assessed on their capability to participate in each progressive block. Officers attending are expected in advance to be experienced in their weapons handling skills and weapons must be zeroed prior to arrival. There will be a short block to check zero and work weapon manipulation mechanics safely.

Equipment needed:

 Required Equipment: - Functioning Carbine System with Sling - Functioning Pistol - Clear Ballistic Wrap Around Eye Protection (Oakley M-Frames or Similar are Most Recommended) - Body Armor with Plates, TacVest, Department Shooter's Kit - Hearing Protection (Electronic Noise Cancelling Most Recommended) - Carbine Belt and Pistol Magazine Carrier (Must Be Able to Hold Minimum of Two Pistol Magazines and One Carbine Magazine) - Carbine Magazine Chest Rig, Armor Carrier (Optional) - Pistol Holster: Drop Leg, OWB, or Chest Rig (Must have Retention System) (SERPA HOLSTERS NOT ALLOWED) - 5 Functional Carbine and 5 Functional Pistol Magazines - Spare Batteries on Mounted Optics for Either or Both Pistol and Carbine (Recommend Spare Batteries are Brought. None Will Be Provided) - Weapon Lubricant and Cleaning Kit - Folding or Camping Chair (Optional) - Water and Snacks - Weather Gear (Check weather) - Motivation and Determination


Ammunition: 600 Carbine Rounds 300 Pistol Rounds

Click here for instructor bio & contact information

Instructor website/social media: https://www.tacticaloptionsllc.com/


8-Hour Course Introduction to Drones as SWAT Tool

Mike Rogers & Kyle Miller
Skyfire Consulting

This 8-hour course includes an overview of how drones (UAS) can be leveraged as a tactical tool. The first portion of the day will cover topics such as: understanding regulatory framework for flying as a public agency, aerodynamics and UAS components, flight modes and lighting and basic UAS tactics. The last half of the course will include hands-on flight training including basic UAS maneuvers such as camera and stick controls, RTH parameter setting, coordinated flight. The day will conclude with an outdoor to indoor search scenario involving breach and entry methods, operating from a protected environment, locating target inside structures and battery optimization tactics. Course is best suited for beginner drone pilots.

Equipment needed:

 Pen and notebook

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Instructor website/social media: https://skyfireconsulting.com/


2-Hour Classes (Saturday)

2-Hour Classes (Sunday)

8-Hour Tactical Rappelling Course

Robert Hnatko, Jon Rigolo & Ray Irizarry
Spec Rescue International

In this 8 hour program students will learn the fundamentals of basic rope systems and rappelling.  Emphasis will be placed on creating anchor systems. Decent control devices and performing tasks while on rope in the tactical environment.  Students will have the opportunity to use a variety of modern rope devices during this training in addition the 'old school' techniques. 

Equipment needed:

Gloves, Helmet , Boots, Eye Protection, and rappel harness

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Instructor website/social media: http://specrescue.com/

8-Hour Less Lethal Impact Munitions Instructor

David Standen
Defense Technology Training Academy

* Less Lethal Impact Munitions Weapons and munitions: 12ga./37mm/40mm/hand delivered * Tactical consideration in the use of impact munitions in crowd-control/dynamic- entry/hostage-rescue/barricaded-subject situations * Physiological/psychological effects Liability consideration/policy and procedures * Blunt trauma/ballistics and energy Instructor development to establish in-house/in- service training and documentation skills

Equipment needed:

• Body armor required for LLIM, CHEM and DD programs • Duty gear normally utilized when deploying less lethal products • Flame-resistant gloves • Eye and ear protection • 37mm/40mm Gas launcher and 12 ga. Shotgun

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Instructor website/social media: https://www.defense-technology.com/

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8-Hour Chemical Munitions Instructor

David Standen
Defense Technology Training Academy

* Chemical Munitions types and forms of chemical agents * Tactical consideration in the use of chemical munitions in crowd-control/barricaded- subject situations * Live Deployment of barricade penetrating rounds * Decontamination/first aid * Proper use of Protective Mask Criminal and civil liabilities/policy and procedures * Instructor development to establish in-house/in-service training and documentation skills

Equipment needed:

 • Eye and ear protection • Body armor required for LLIM, CHEM and DD programs • Duty gear normally utilized when deploying less lethal products • Flame-resistant gloves • Gas mask • 37mm/40mm Gas launcher

Click here for instructor bio & contact information

Instructor website/social media: https://www.defense-technology.com/

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8-Hour ASP Handcuff Instructor Certification

Dean Alexander
ASP Inc.

ASP conducts an 8 hour course designed for Instructor Certification of the ASP Tactical Restraints. The AIC Handcuff program focuses on instructional techniques, mechanical functions, and maintenance procedures for ASP Tactical Restraints. The program provides portation and presentation procedures as well as handcuff application techniques. This course demonstrates a systems approach to the restraint of subjects. ASP Handcuff instruction utilizes the same basic techniques for application of Chain, Hinge, Rigid, and Disposable Restraints. In this course, you will find realistic instruction that can be safely utilized by all officers under the stress of the real world confrontations.

Equipment needed:

 Duty rig. ASP will provided all other equipment needed for the class.

Click here for instructor bio & contact information

Instructor website/social media: https://www.asp-usa.com/pages/training-programs


8-Hour Tactical Mobile Operations and Scenarios

Chance Cooper and Travis Phillips
Holistic Solutions Group

This is an eight hour course consisting of extensive proper medical evacuation procedures, the identification and application of mobile containment of suspected criminals and the importance and application of task organization. The class will end with live scenarios which include opposition and the utilization of Simunition in an urban environment.

Equipment needed:

  Students of the class will need to provide their own Simunition (or Force on Force) weapons, bolt carrier groups and ammunition. Students will also need to bring and are expected to wear safety equipment. Students need: Light ballistic vests, plain clothes, 200 rounds of 5.56 Sim ammunition, 100 rounds of pistol Sim ammunition, 2 magazines for the rifle and 2 magazines for the pistol.

Click here for instructor bio & contact information

Instructor website/social media: https://www.holisticsolutionsgroup.com/