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Invite your fellow officers to become ISOA members and help your Association grow! “NOT just for SWAT officers!”

You DO NOT have to be assigned to a tactical/SWAT unit to receive full benefit from your ISOA membership.

ISOA Membership is open to:

  • Full and Part-Time sworn Law Enforcement personnel

  • Retired Law Enforcement personnel

  • Correction Officers

  • Active, Reserve and Retired Military personnel

  • Any non-sworn personnel assigned to a tactical unit

  • Associate Individuals and Corporations

As a member of the ISOA, you tap into some of the best thinking, ideas, experiences, and information regarding tactics, strategies and gear. Membership includes:

  • Access to membership directory

  • Free attendance at any Mobile Training Team (MTT) block of instruction

  • Eligibility to register for ISOA annual conference

  • An ISOA membership card

  • An ISOA certificate for corporations


  • Individual membership, $35.00

  • Teams 12 or less,  $175.00

  • teams 13 or more, $250.00

Registration link:


During the year you will have access to other ISOA members, District Representatives and Executive Board members any time you have a question, need to discuss an idea or for dissemination of information. You will also have the opportunity to attend FREE TRAINING from the Mobile Training Team and attend the annual Spring Conference.

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