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ISOA Conference Keynote Speaker MARK SPICER; Founder & CEO of Osprey Group USA

British Army (ret)

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Sgt. Major Mark Spicer will speak on Wednesday, April 20th at 6:30 PM.

Sgt Major (ret) Mark Spicer is a 25-year veteran of the British Army with a worldwide reputation in the sphere of Sniping and Counter terrorism, which led to his selection and use as the US Governments Expert witness in the Washington DC Sniper trials. 

He has served worldwide with the British and UN forces on real world deployments, and has extensive experience of counter terrorist operations and terrorist methods of operation, having worked extensively against the IRA in Northern Ireland and subsequent terrorist elements world-wide. Working within specialist Infantry units and both covert and overt special operations units, he has gained a vast experience of counter terrorism and covert surveillance operations, often working at very close proximity to known terrorists without their knowledge, and received an award from the Her Majesty the Queen, in recognition of his success during a particular counter terrorist operation. Mark has worked with and trained many of the world’s premier military and Police units and his experience and understanding of the terrorist mind, has seen him become a successful seminar keynote speaker at Tactical Officer Associations (SWAT) across the United States and for the Dept. of Homeland security. He recently completed a 2- year contract working directly for His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan and continues to be in demand in the training of US Law Enforcement and international military as well as acting as a Subject Matter Expert for major media outlets.

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